Zenon Web Desing, Inc.


Zenon Web Design, Inc. has a track record of producing high quality web site designs that produce results, whatever specification you require we're confident we can help you meet the goals for your web site. We have produced successful web sites of varying specifications:

  • Standard HTML web sites of all types and sizes
  • Eye-catching Flash animated web site designs
  • Database driven web sites
  • Backend admin systems
  • Successful Internet based businesses

Usability and Accessibility

It goes without saying that a site should be user friendly, easy to navigate and text should be easy to read.... these are more than just common sense, under the Disability Discrimination Act companies have to make their web sites accessible to people with disabilities. No case has been brought to court in the World to date, but what is important, however, is the outcome: the DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) requires that you make what it refers to as "reasonable adjustments", to your services to ensure that a person with a disability can access that service.

We can access and modify your existing web site to meet these requirements, in addition we provide advice to clients and accessibility implementation for new web sites.

Good Design and Development Practices

We use professional software tools and careful hand coding to produce web sites to stringent guidelines, every new web site undergoes a rigorous checking procedure before it goes live which includes testing on all major web browsers on both PC and Mac platforms for any compatibility issues.


When we use the word optimization we refer its ability to rank well in search engine results, this of course is dependant on other factors being favorable too. We pride ourselves in producing web sites that perform and meet their goals more often than not the site optimization is a key factor in the success of a web site.